Finding Jesus in the World


This meme is a good start as an introduction to this song. I like to do cover tunes once in awhile, although I have done so very infrequently in the past several years. I was listening to some Tori Amos recently and ran across this gem that was never done as a studio release. She only plays it live and it lends itself quite well in that venue. I figured I’d give it a shot and came up with this video. Enjoy!

Unholy War

I got out a few video cameras today and shot a simple video for Unholy War. Lord willing, this song will be released on Catholic Metal‘s Praising Him Loudly: Volume IV. Here’s the video and the lyrics follow:


See them proclaiming “wisdom” that has no end

Blindly justifying hatred of their fellow man

Over endless fighting and divisive lying

This means war!


History repeats itself, we must be insane

Treating each other as if it were all a game

Wrought by generations of unholy war

We hold the keys, but their pride seals the door


Coldly, indoctrination settles in

Children sacrificed on the altar of sin

From the womb, they’re torn no chance to be born

This means war!



Leaders spreading cancers through the government

Pursuing “social justice” with ill intent

With no hesitation, one world domination

This means war!


Playing Around

Just playing around in the kitchen with an alternate tuning. This is what songwriting is like… family is usually around and you pick up snippets of conversation. The alternate tuning is from Tobias Rauscher’s “Still Awake.”