Within the last century, Jesus appeared many times to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska with messages of His Divine Mercy. At Jesus’ insistence, Faustina had an image painted of Him. Here are a few:


Jesus also told Faustina to keep a diary. Keep in mind that she had only been educated up to a fourth grade level. This Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul, contains all kinds of spiritual nuggets of wisdom; some of them from Jesus Himself! While reading it through with my wife for the second time, I was inspired to write a song containing some of the passages. I picked out eight sections and set them to music. A couple are direct quotes from Jesus.

There’s much more to learn and explore, so I recommend reading the Diary. Here’s the song:

Heaven Around You

This tune is the past meeting the present, in a sense. I wrote the music in 2009 at the tail end of the writing of the Revelation Now album with Save Your Nation. It was, then, entitled Brothers We. I was never happy with my vocals on that tune. They never sounded controlled and I cringed every time I heard myself. I even went back in 2015 and re-tracked the vocals and some of the guitars. The music was solid, but the vocals were still very much lacking. Today, I felt the need to revisit it for the sake of the music. I wrote new lyrics and a melody that will, hopefully, be much more palatable. I really enjoy what I’ve done thus far.

As an aside, I’ve been doing my civic duty on jury duty this week. It’s a criminal, not a civil, case. It has made me physically ill. This recording is me putting my best foot forward and wanting to really get my mind off the duties of the week. Click below to hear Heaven Around You. I hope you enjoy it.