Having Some Jerusalem Crickett Fun

I spent seven years in Albuquerque and had the wonderful privilege of playing music with two lovely ladies. Marj played the upright bass and MK played guitar. All of us combined to make beautiful harmonies. We called our little trio Jerusalem Crickett. One day, we got together in the small back room of my house, which was a makeshift recording studio, and recorded 21 songs. It was all done live with no overdubs with the exception of two songs where I added mandolin after the fact. Now, many years later, I am remixing and remastering these recordings using much better computer tools than I had at the time. Hop on over to my Facebook page if you’d like to hear any of it. I may set up a Jerusalem Crickett webpage in the future just to be able to showcase the music in one convenient place.

Playing Around

Just playing around in the kitchen with an alternate tuning. This is what songwriting is like… family is usually around and you pick up snippets of conversation. The alternate tuning is from Tobias Rauscher’s “Still Awake.”